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Charles: Honestly I didn’t really need to read anything. You’re an open book,old friend. Your thoughts simply affirmed my suspicions.

Erik: You’re infuriating, do you realize that?

Charles: You, apparently, love it.

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Deleted tourist from photos

I have actually done this by hand, and holy heck, I wish I’d known about this method! This is brilliant.

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i hope i randomly get super hot in the next year or two and everyone is just like “oh shit”

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the legend lives on

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just in case there’s anyone in Ferguson who’s following info on tumblr as well

sadly, with the way the police are out, marching, and ready for the curfew (with dogs), there are some people that may need this

"We are prepping for a night if jail support. Call 314 862 2249 if you or friend arrested."

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Urban Outfitters HQ Renovated from Abandoned Navy Yards

With three big brands all the same company – Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie and Free People; it would only make sense to have a office space that matches the “trendy” vibes that each posses. While the renovations cost $100 million, the four buildings cost $1 to buy each (yes that’s two 50 cent coins you read correctly!) much of the materials were reused and reclaimed into the 330,000 sq ft space.

Designed by Meyer Scherer & Rockcastle, this large space allows the brands to grow side by side, while allowing the public spaces to be their ‘mingling’ grounds between brands and buildings. The cafeteria, coffee shop, library, fitness center, and courtyard are all shared areas.

Photography by Lara Swimmer

Tibetan Monks living in exile in India flew to Ferguson to show support for Mike Brown and community.

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